Traveller Evictions

ERE can act on your behalf to remove travellers from open land, commercial sites and illegal encampments. ERE offer a free initial consultation for traveller removal, which includes, if needed a site visit and report on what is required to complete the eviction, successfully. We will then develop a detailed and bespoke plan for the Eviction itself along with a risk assessment, covering all aspects, including health and safety planning for your staff, our
Enforcement Agents, the travellers themselves and any potential members of the public. Because of our Own in-house Enforcement Support we have access to all that could be potentially needed, using our RAPID RESPONSE service we can work to short deadlines wherever needed. If the eviction is to be conducted under a writ of possession, we will arrange for the order to be transferred up to the High Court. We also remove persons from land under Common Law (Halsburys) if the circumstances are suitable. We often find that debris, vehicles and often animals are left behind. We can undertake, on your behalf, the clean-up, animal removal and Security to prevent re-entry. Enforcement Support can supply: 
K9 Units, Security Officers, Clean up teams, Barriers, Locksmiths.

Squatter Evictions

Under Halsbury`s Laws of England – Common Law of Eviction 
The expression squatter and Trespasser have the same meaning and are interchangeable. A Squatter or Trespasser is a a party who enters onto, or remains on, property without lawful authority or permission from the party with an immediate right to occupation of that property.  Landlords have a common law right to obtain possession back from a trespasser, traveller, squatter or persons unknown from their property.